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Andrea Sbarbati

Aesthetic, regenerative and anti-aging medicine are characterized by a rapid
technological development and involve the introduction of always new therapeutic methods, and the preparation in this field at university level is always insufficient. For this reason, the need for continuous training is born through the confrontation between clinicians, firms and researchers.

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Lucian Popa

Regeneration is the key word of today’s medicine. After patented drugs, invented treatments, launched substitutes and prostheses, science came to the level of awareness and promotion of natural preservation and restoration. This explains the momentum that regenerative medicine has gained in recent years, and more and more research institutes channeled important forces in the study of tissue regeneration. This is also explained by the remarkable progress that science mentions in this area.







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Andrea Sbarbati


MD, Ph.D., Full Professor of Normal Human Anatomy, Director of the Department of Neuroscience, Biomedicine, and Movement, Ver

    Diana Bulgaru Iliescu

    CONFESTETIS President

    Forensic MD and Director of the Institute of Legal Medicine in Iași. She holds a Ph.D. in Medical Sciences and has a Master

      Tiberiu Bratu

      President of Scientific Board

      Professor, MD Plastic Surgery, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Head of Clinic of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, University

        Lucian Popa

        CONFESTETIS President

        Primary Physician Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Microsurgery and Burns, Aesthetic Surgery; Doctor of Medical Sciences, mem

          Domenico Amuso

          MD, Specialist in General Surgery and Sports Medicine.

          MD, Specialist in General Surgery and Sports Medicine. Expert in Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Lecturer in Aesthetic Medicin

            Ferdinando Terranova

            MD, Lecturer in Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging.

            MD, Lecturer in Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging. Counselor of the Italian Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Terni.

              Luca Vaienti

              MD, Plastic Surgeon

              MD, Plastic Surgeon, Full Professor of Plastic-Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Milan, Head of the IRCCS Polyplin

                Michele Riccio

                MD, Plastic surgeon

                MD, Plastic surgeon. Founder of the Academy of Lipofilling, Lecturer of the Polytechnic University of the Marche. Primary Hos


                  Highly configurable block with optional auditoriums and threads

                  2:00 PM - 2:30 PM


                  Cranio facial aging Cristina Furnica & Andrea Sbarbati
                  Cristina Furnica
                   Morphogenic surgery Gino Rigotti
                  15:20-15:40 Celulitis Domenico Amuso
                  15:40-15:50 New concepts in cellulite development Andrea Sbarbati
                  15:50-16:00 Antiaging celular concept Mihai Chirita
                  16:00-16:10 Lift and fill: my neck and face lifting Pier Camillo Parodi
                  16:10-16:20 PRP efficiency in bone regeneration review Mihaela Pertea
                  16:20-16:30 Discussions
                  Mihaela Pertea & Domenico Amuso
                  4:30 PM - 4:40 PM
                  COFFEE BREAK

                  New trends in body contouring

                  Ciprian Flueras
                  17:10-17:20 Minimal invasive treatment of burns lesion Angela Tecuceanu
                  17:20-17:30 Lip – aesthetic principles of reconstruction Mihaela Pertea
                  17:30-17:40 Botulinum Toxin Type A: a New Therapeutic Indication in Flushing Andrea Curri
                  17:40-17:50 Adipose tissue: source of regeneration Andrea Sbarbati
                  17:50-18:00 Microfatand Nanofat Mario Goisis
                  18:00 – 18:10 Aging process of the skin of the face, analyses and way of treatment approach Raid Issa
                  18:10-18:20 Discussions
                  Andrea Curri & Raid Issa
                  6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
                  9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
                  Aesthetic surgery
                  09:00-09:10 The importance of the aesthetic units in the reconstruction of post-excisional defects in the face Mihaela Pertea
                  09:10-09:20 Danger zones in gluteal augmentation with fat grafting Edoardo Dalla Pozza
                  09:20-09:30 Global approach to aging face Roberto Amore
                  09:30-09:40 Non surgical profiloplasty: a new approach to face beatification Francesco Malatesta
                  09:40-09:50 The tissue expansion used in the surgical treatment of the giant congenital nevus Mihaela Pertea
                  09:50 – 10:00 Discussions
                  Roberto Amore & Domenico Amuso

                  How to choose the right sun protection

                  Radu Pitulea
                  10:20 AM - 10:30 AM
                  COFFEE BREAK
                  10:30-10:40 Inferior blefaroplasty: our conservative approach Pier Camillo Parodi
                  10:40-10:50 Autologous Breast Reconstruction: state of the art Michele Riccio
                  10:50-11:00 Composite breast reconstruction: indications and results Daria Almesbergher
                  11:00-11:10 Breast reconstruction post mastectomy for cancer – early complications- case presentations Mihaela Pertea
                  11:10-11:20 Hemmock Flap for the improvement of outcomes in reduction mastoplasty Francesco De Francesco
                  11:20-11:50 The future burden of obesity – related diseases Mario Marchetti
                  11:50-12:00 Surgical treatment of cellulite Roberto Amore
                  12:00-12:10 Filler in aesthetic medicine Francessco Malatesta
                  12:10-12:20 Discussions
                  Pier Camillo Parodi & Mihaela Pertea
                  12:20 PM - 12:30 PM
                  COFFEE BREAK

                  The art and natural contour with HA

                  Catalina Anghel
                  1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
                  LUNCH BREAK
                  14:00-14:20 The prepectoral approach in prosthetic breast reconstruction Pier Camillo Parodi
                  14:20-14:30 Management of wounds and scars: regenerative medicine and surgery Gabriela Vasilescu
                  14:30- 14:40 Discussions
                  Pier Camilo Parodi & Andrea Curri

                  Microfat and Nanofat

                  Mario Goisis
                  15:10-15:20 Lipofiling in orthopedics Paul Botez
                  15:20-15:30 Microfragmented adipose tissue in the treatment of OA Stefano Magnanelli
                  15:30-15:40 Regeneration in orthopaedics Andrea Sbarbati
                  15:40- 15:50 Discussions
                  Paul Botez & Stefano Magnanelli
                  3:50 PM -4:00 PM
                  COFFEE BREAK
                  16:00-16:20 Cutaneous and Aesthetic Health Concept Laura Gheuca Solovastru
                  16:20-16:30 Skin regeneration Torello Lotti
                  16:30 – 16:40 Cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the healing of surgical wounds Doinița Temelie
                  16:40- 16:50 Ethics and Aesthetics Elena Andrese Porumb
                  16:50 -17:00 News About the Combined Therapy of Scars Laura Statescu
                  17:00-17:10 Current Concepts Regarding Pigmentary lesions Dan Vata
                  17:10-17:20 Natinuel Complex in Acne Management Adriana Patrascu
                  17:20-17:30 PRP -Regenerative Therapy in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine Alina Stincanu
                  17:30-17:40 Maiking the face younger again Crina Petean,

                  Andrada Iftode

                  17:40-17:50 Clinical results of CO2 fractional microablative laser for menopausal vulvovaginal atrophy Diana Mihai
                  17:50-18:00 Discussions
                  Laura Solovastru & Torello Lotti
                  8:00 PM
                  BEAUTY BALL
                  9:00 AM - 11:20 AM
                  Basic science: Regenerative medicine and Aestetic medicine
                  09:00-09:10 Cell sources for regenerative medicine Luminita Labusca
                  09:10-09:20 Magnetic levitated culture for controlled spheroid formation of ADSC-MNPs Cristina Stavila
                  09:20-09:30 Combined grafts in the treatment of osteochondral defects Vitalie Cobzac
                  09:30-09:40 Fat tissue transformation after lipofiling Narcisa Marcu
                  Lucian Popa
                  09:40-09:50 Stem cells loaded with magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications Camelia Danceanu
                  09:50-10:00 Spheroid formulation for enhanced three dimensional cultures of ADSCs Anca Minuti
                  10:00-10:30 Aesthetic endocrinology and endocrine senescence decisive branch of aesthetic medicine. Francesco Leva
                  10:30-10:40 Cellular technologies in the treatment of aseptic necrosis of the femoral head Viorel Nacu
                  10:40-10:50 Preservation Rhinoplasty: Hyaluronic acid to reshape the nose Lucian Popa
                  10:50-11:10 State of the breast art in breast augmentation, crucial point in breast implant evolution Lucian Popa
                  11:10 – 11:20 Complication in breast augmentation. Case report. Angela Tecuceanu
                  Francesco Leva & Luminita Labușcă
                  11:20 AM - 11:30 AM
                  COFFEE BREAK
                  11:30-11:50 Medical-legal implications in aesthetic medicine Diana Bulgaru Iliescu
                  11:50-12:00 Medical-legal peculiarities in the appreciation of aesthetic damage  Călin Scripcaru
                  12:00-12:10 Legislative notions regarding aesthetic damage Anton Knieling
                  12:10-12:20 Estimates regarding the aesthetic injury Romania versus the UK Simona Irina Damian
                  12:20-12:30 Ethical and medical implications in the current nails aesthetic Oana Gafiteanu
                  12:30-12:40 Developing and tailoring protocols for transdifferentiation of muscle satellite cells to adipocytes in rodent experiment Teodor Oboroceanu
                  12:40-12:50 Fashion and ethics in cosmetic medicine and surgery Gabriela Vasilescu
                  12:50-13:00 Discussions
                  Diana Bulgaru Iliescu & Călin Scripcaru

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                  what people say

                  Un eveniment foarte bine organizat, cu speakeri internaționali care și-au prezentat propriile inovații in materie de estetica faciala și cu workshopuri interactive.
                  Roșu Cristina
                  A fost un eveniment inovativ, bine organizat, elegant, care trebuie să continue și în anii următori și să devină o tradiție în Iași.
                  Cristina Petrache
                  A fost o experiență inedită pentru mine ca pacient, am aflat noțiuni și tehnici de
                  înfrumusețare corporală de care nu auzisem înainte. Atmosfera a fost placută, piperată de discuții și confruntări intetesante.
                  Cezara Sava
                  Un congres foarte bine organizat, care a prezentat cele mai noi metode și tehnici în medicina estetică, atât la nivel teoretic, cât și la nivel practic. A imbinat foarte bine și plăcut relatarea informațiilor teoretice cu prezentarea practică, prin numeroasele live on-uri, reușind astfel să acapareze toata aria de interes. Iar ca un “bonus”, au avut workshopuri care s-au bazat pe aceeași idee a teoriei care să fie pusă în practică de
                  Adina Oprea
                  A fost unul dintre cele mai reușite cogrese la care am participat în ultimul timp. Felicitări organizatorilor, aștept cu nerăbdare următorul congres!
                  Vlad Alexa

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