The concept of Confestetis 2019

In the beginning, Aesthetic medicine was ’the ugly duck’ of the medical specialties, and it took a while to gain its right place, as a recognized and certified one. Yet, today aesthetic medicine is no longer exclusively limited to the fields of plastic surgery and dermatology, and now many other specialties are now striving to offer various aesthetic medical procedures as a response of their patients’ needs.

A relative new subspeciality – Regenerative medicine – which is a concept coined in early 90’s aims to regenerate tissues or even organs which are damaged as a result of certain diseases, traumas or congenital defects or, simply because of aging.

These are the two main specialties of this year’s edition of CONFESTETIS, an event that will offer a platform for ensuring those interested by obtaining better quality of a life and maintaining a natural and healthy appearance, as well.

CONFESTETIS brings together various specialists and medical specialties and provides a space where the exchange of experience will go beyond the boundaries of one’s own field and practice for all those interested in maintaining or enhancing beauty and well-being of their patients.