2:00 PM - 2:30 PM


Cranio facial aging Cristina Furnica & Andrea Sbarbati
Cristina Furnica



The role of antioxidants Eugenio Iorio
Acellular dermal matrix Enrico Vigato
Antiaging celular concept Mihai Chirita
Mesenchymal stem cell Reetuparna Biswas
PRP efficiency in bone regeneration review Mihaela Pertea
Mihaela Pertea
4:30 PM

Complex skin treatments by lasers

Ciprian Flueras


Minimal invasive treatment of burns lesion Angela Tecuceanu
Lip – aesthetic principles of reconstruction Mihaela Pertea
Basic research in tissue regeneration Luminita Simion
Laser in genitala rejuvenation Diana Mihai
The endodermal radiofrequency: a new way for non-surgical lifting”. Alessio Pirino
Innovative Filler Andrea Curri
Tissue processing in regenerative medicine Giorgio Maullo
Eugenio Iorio
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Aesthetic surgery


Breast reconstruction post mastectomy for cancer – early complications- case presentations Mihaela Pertea
Surgical treatment of cellulite Roberto Amore
Tratament of cellulite Mariangela Garippa – Astrid Chessa
The importance of the aesthetic units in the reconstruction of post-excisional defects in the face Mihaela Pertea
The tissue expansion used in the surgical treatment of the giant congenital nevus Mihaela Pertea
Roberto Amore
10:30 AM

Morphogenic surgery

Gino Rigotti


Reconstructive breast surgery Pier Camillo Parodi
Autologous Breast Reconstruction: state of the art Michele Riccio
Composite breast reconstruction: indications and results Daria Almesbergher
Pier Camillo Parodi & Michele Riccio

Proderma the Art Natural with Hialuronic Acid

Catalina Anghel
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


Body remodeling in outpatient surgery Gabriela Vasilescu
Preservation Rhinoplasty: Hyaluronic acid to reshape the nose Lucian Popa
Pier Camillo Parodi & Michele Riccio

Microfat and Nanofat

Mario Goisis
3:30 PM


To be defined Paul Botez
To be defined Luminita Labusca
Fat graft in orthopaedics Stefano Magnanelli
Paul Botez


Cutaneous and Aesthetic Health Concept Laura Gheuca Solovastru
Ethics and Aesthetics Elena Andrese Porumb, Dan Vata ,Adriana Patrascu, Alina Grajdeanu, Alina Stincanu, Laura Statescu, Laura Gheuca Solovastru
News About the Combined Therapy of Scars Laura Statescu
Current Concepts Regarding Pigmentary lesions Dan Vata, Ioana-Alina Halip,  Alina Stincanu, Laura Statescu, Adriana Patrascu, Elena Andrese Porumb, Laura Gheuca Solovastru
Natinuel Complex in Acne Management Adriana Patrascu,Ioana-Alina Halip, Alina Stincanu, Dan Vata, Laura Statescu,  Elena Andrese Porumb, Laura Gheuca Solovastru
PRP -Regenerative Therapy in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine Alina Stincanu, Laura Statescu, Dan Vata, Adriana Patrascu, Alina Grajdeanu, Elena Andrese Porumb, Laura Gheuca Solovastru
To be defined Torello Lotti
Laura Solovastru
8:00 PM
9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Magistral lecture


Aesthetic endocrinology and endocrine senescence decisive branch of aesthetic medicine. The role of hormones in the aging process and in the determinism of cutaneous imperfections Francesco Leva
Gabriela Vasilescu


Legal aspect in aesthetic and regenerative surgery Stefano Fiorentino
Gabriela Vasilescu


Nutrition and aspect in aesthetic medicine Antonio Pacella
Tissue regeneration Andrea Sbarbati
Defining the danger zones in gluteal augmentation with fat grafting Edoardo Dalla Pozza 
Gabriela Vasilescu
10:45 AM - 11:00 AM
Poster Section
11:00 AM


Complication of implant breast surgery, case report Angela Tecuceanu
Medical-legal implications in aesthetic medicine Diana Bulgaru Iliescu
Medical-legal peculiarities in the appreciation of aesthetic damage Călin Scripcaru
Legislative notions regarding aesthetic damage Anton Knieling
Estimates regarding the aesthetic injury Romania versus the UK Simona Irina Damian
Fashion and ethics in cosmetic medicine and surgery Gabriela Vasilescu
Ethical and medical implications in the current nails aesthetic Oana Gafiteanu
State of the art in breast augmentation Lucian Popa
Diana Bulgaru Iliescu
Temele principale – SECȚIUNI

1. Medicina estetică
2. Medicină regenerativă
3. Chirurgie estetică
4. Chirurgie plastică și reconstructivă
5. Dermatologie
6. Dermatologie corectivă și cosmtică
7. Ginecologie estetică
8. Ortopedia – medicina regenerativă
9. Anesteziologie în medicina regenerativă și estetică (chirurgie)
10. Etica medicală în medicina estetică
11. Responsabilitate în medicina estetică
12. Ozonoterapia
13. Varia