Welcome Word - Lucian Popa

Regeneration is the key word of today’s medicine. After patented drugs, invented treatments, launched substitutes and prostheses, science came to the level of awareness and promotion of natural preservation and restoration. This explains the momentum that regenerative medicine has gained in recent years, and more and more research institutes channeled important forces in the study of tissue regeneration. This is also explained by the remarkable progress that science mentions in this area.

Building on this goal, Confestetis is a keyhole and meeting of researchers and practitioners in the field who will be able to improve their experience by making quicker steps in the development of regenerative medicine.

Confestetis 2018 was the first step in which visionaries in European regenerative medicine combined their ideas to create this brand-new event. I have focused on aesthetic and regenerative medicine. But following the feedback received, Confesttis 2019 chose regenerative medicine as the focal point, giving importance to all the specialties in which it finds expression, combining beauty with physiology.

Confestetis 2018 was made by visionaries alongside the Academia del Lipoffiling, the Fidia Group Spa in Italy.

At Confesttis 2019, representatives from 9 European countries and an impressive agenda were announced.

Sharing the latest news in such a young field is not just an academic pleasure of researchers concerned with the new specialty, but also a great deal of duty for collegiate practitioners.
We invite you to participate in an event that we obviously can say will contribute to creating the future in regenerative and aesthetic medicine.