Like any field that goes well and develops brilliantly, aesthetic medicine has lately attracted attention, interest, controversy, dilemmas, polemics. New techniques, modern or traditional social and therapeutic trends are emerging. People want to live longer and better. The pharma industry and medical technology offer increasingly efficient and accessible tools. Researchers are constantly discovering new solutions and various possibilities for a better life. Doctors want to provide the means and methods to achieve these goals.

This is why it is necessary that everything that appears as a novelty through different corners of the world becomes known and accessible to all professionals in the field. Sharing professional experiences and updating information and working techniques in aesthetic medicine is the standard objective of any medical conference.

Because it is an elite event in the field of scientific medical events, CONFESTETIS 2020 also defines through this third edition a bridge of professional collaboration and friendship, a space in which invidia medicorum is transformed into amicitia academica.