Donato Zizi Co-author Marianna Tornese, MD
Grigore Tinică, Andrei Țăruș, Albesto Bacușcă, Silviu Lunguleac
Andrada Iftode MD- co- author Crina D. Petean MD
Edoardo Dalla Pozza, MD
Prof.Cristina Adriana Dehelean- Co-author MD Crina D. Petean
Prof. Marialuisa Gandolfi
Main themes – SECTIONS

1. Aesthetic medicine
2. Anatomy in aesthetic medicine
3. Regenerative medicine
4. Cosmetic surgery
5. Plastic and reconstructive surgery
6. Corrective and cosmetic dermatology
7. Aesthetic gynecology
8. Orthopedics – regenerative medicine
9. Imaging in aesthetic medicine
10. Filler: innovations and clinical experiences
11. Lasers and technologies in aesthetic medicine
12. Sexuality and aesthetic medicine
13. Nutrition – obesity – aesthetics
14. Aesthetic medicine and acupuncture
15. Tattoos: risks, safety and care
16. Nutrition and anti-aging
17. Medical ethics in aesthetic medicine
18. Responsibility in aesthetic medicine
19. Communication with patient in aesthetic medicine
20. Varia