THEMES OF INTEREST IN CONFESTETIS - Regenerative Medicine - the last frontier * Biostimulation and Biorestructuring * Physiopathology of adipose tissue * Rejuvenation without toxin and filler: the art of Aesthetic Medicine * Planning in facial rejuvenation: the search for balance * Filler experiences * Rinofiller: hialuronic rinoplasty tehnical evaluation * The elegance of the lips: an exercise in style * Peeling: the evolution in the combination of caustics * Laser and other technologies in Aesthetic Medicine * New proposals in Aesthetic Medicine * Challenges in Aesthetic Medicine * Aesthetic Plastic Surgery * Reconstructive Aesthetic Medicine * Aesthetic Medicine in trans-gender patients * Dermatitis: the field of action of Aesthetic Medicine * Dermatology of Medical-Aesthetic competence * Failures in the treatments of Aesthetic Medicine * Management of complications in Aesthetic Medicine: fillers and more * District Intradermotherapy * Medical Genetics at the service of Aesthetic Medicine * Aesthetic medicine and eating disorders * Nutrition and age * Dermocosmetics * Updates in Cosmetology * Supplements - aesthetic doping * Sun, Vitamin D and Photoprotection * Varios therapies in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine * Aesthetic medicine and acupuncture * Aesthetic and Functional Gynecology * Facial exercises as a method for rejuvenation





Lucian POPA & Diana Bulgaru-Iliescu



Scientific Board


Andrea Sbarbati, Bogdan-Dimitrie Niculae, Daciana Brănișteanu



Knieling Anton

Mario Goisis

Domenico Amuso

Piercamillo Parodi 

Simona Damian

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Ferdinando Terranova

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Michele Riccio


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Calin Scripcaru, Raid Issa



Răzvan Babușcă

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Andrei Apostol



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