THEMES OF INTEREST IN CONFESTETIS - Regenerative Medicine - the last frontier * Biostimulation and Biorestructuring * Physiopathology of adipose tissue * Rejuvenation without toxin and filler: the art of Aesthetic Medicine * Planning in facial rejuvenation: the search for balance * Filler experiences * Rinofiller: hialuronic rinoplasty tehnical evaluation * The elegance of the lips: an exercise in style * Peeling: the evolution in the combination of caustics * Laser and other technologies in Aesthetic Medicine * New proposals in Aesthetic Medicine * Challenges in Aesthetic Medicine * Aesthetic Plastic Surgery * Reconstructive Aesthetic Medicine * Aesthetic Medicine in trans-gender patients * Dermatitis: the field of action of Aesthetic Medicine * Dermatology of Medical-Aesthetic competence * Failures in the treatments of Aesthetic Medicine * Management of complications in Aesthetic Medicine: fillers and more * District Intradermotherapy * Medical Genetics at the service of Aesthetic Medicine * Aesthetic medicine and eating disorders * Nutrition and age * Dermocosmetics * Updates in Cosmetology * Supplements - aesthetic doping * Sun, Vitamin D and Photoprotection * Varios therapies in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine * Aesthetic medicine and acupuncture * Aesthetic and Functional Gynecology * Facial exercises as a method for rejuvenation

Participant Info

  • Transport

    • Once in Iasi, one who does not know the city needs a little help to discover it, with all the advanced technology he now has at his disposal. Apart from the over 2500 taxis, Iasi has a vast network of public transportation, which is not perfect, but can be reached in any corner of the city, cheap and relatively fast. The cost of a trip on public transport is two lei, and tickets can be bought from kiosks, or from the vending machines in the bus stations. https://www.laiasi.ro/transport-public-iasi/.


    • In Iasi there are accommodation offers for all budgets and all claims. Among the nineteenth-century large hotels, such as Continental and Traian, the latter built after Gustave Eiffel’s project, there are also Unirea, International, Hilton, plus many other smaller hotels and a wealth of boarding houses with decent accommodation at acceptable prices. https://www.laiasi.ro/dir/is/cazare-iasi/

    Free time

    • Free time can be spent in Iasi according to your taste and disposition. Parks in the Copou area are ideal for fresh air walks and museums are open all week except Mondays. https://www.laiasi.ro/muzee-iasi/


    • Restaurants and night clubs come to complete a rich leisure map in Iasi. In the city you can eat well at any time in a variety of restaurants and fast food, menus being among the most diverse choices from all corners of the world. Many restaurants also have catering or home delivery services. https://www.laiasi.ro/dir/is/unde-mancam/